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"I'd begun to think that you had to be physically present to experience the magic of connection and synergy that sometimes emerges in groups. But here, for the first time that I've seen, the essence of that magic has been captured and expressed on film."
Tom Callanan
Program Director
Fetzer Institute

BeComing: Women's Circles, Women's Lives
"A Different Conversation"

BeComing is an unscripted documentary which offers a rare opportunity to witness what transpires in the privacy of women's circles. The ten women filmed are multi-cultural and cross-generational, with an age span from thirty to eighty.

BeComing takes an experiential look at a woman's circle and the women who create it.  By joining their circle over a two year period, we see first-hand what it is to build and be a part of a community, a part of our society which has been lost to some of us. The women speak of their process of creating and sustaining circle, as well as the effects of the circle in their daily lives.

The primary theme addressed in BeComing is the power of provocative questions coupled with deep listening to enhance the quality of our lives, individually and in community. Secondarily, BeComing offers an example of how a circle can hold each woman in her distinct paths in life as she shares the inherent dilemmas and tensions of living into today's culture.

BeComing also captures excerpts of the women's weekends together, including:

  • reflections on the challenges of being in circle,
  • tensions that arise in the circle,
  • why shared silence is so vital as a practice,
  • what the women value about being in circle and
  • their hopes for the documentary.

Do come in and join us in this inquiry and dialogue >>