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Who are the women of the Chakra circle?


Having been an adventurer in the world, in her early forties, Andrea is now settled in Tiburon with her husband Mike and three lively sons, Cole, Owen and Quinn. A Caucasian, Andrea was raised in Hawaii and is part of a racially-diverse family as two of her five siblings were adopted from Asia.  After several years of work at Arthur Andersen Consulting, she has been working inter-dependently as a coach and consultant for organizations in South Africa, Europe and the United States. Her passions spring forth in the areas of relatedness and in the gifts of diversity. She is elfin, petite, loves the outdoors, is fearless and shy. With short brown hair, she is tomboyish in her sweats and elegant in silk. Her multi-cultural background serves her well when relating to people in mother's groups, corporate boardrooms, Parisian cafés and South African townships.


The elder of the group, Anne is in her 80's and hails from Viking and North Country English heritage. She is Caucasian, a World War II veteran, social activist, Native American pipe-carrier and scholar. After over 50 years of marriage, Anne lost Guy, her husband and best friend, to cancer. She is learning to abide in the deep loneliness of widowhood while practicing exemplary elderhood. Anne refers to herself as an ancestor-in-the making. She is a mother and grandmother and carries out these beloved roles with a universal mother-like quality. Equally at home in the world of academics, large scale governmental and organizational change, sweat-lodges and dialogue circles, she also brings in an imp-like quality that lightens and connects. An elder in many circles, including the World Café, Anne brings presence and a sense of mysticism to the ordinary. She is blue eyed, with soft white cropped hair, of Scottish descent, sits and moves with a proper carriage and almost always adorns herself with a dragon fly.


Gisela emigrated from Germany at the age of 20. Since then her life’s path has taken her from minimum wage worker to corporate executive, and from student to professor of humanistic psychology and organization development. Several years ago, around the time she began her doctoral work she also became introduced to the Andean indigenous tradition. She traveled to Peru for several months and committed her research to understanding the implication of practicing Andean shamanic/mystical path in western settings. Through her travel to Peru and her research she now feels called to be part of the dialogue between Western and indigenous traditions of knowing and using the emerging insights to create contexts that re-inspire and support transformational learning and development processes on the individual and collective levels. One of the questions that is primary to her at this time in her life is, what does it mean to be in right relation with her family, herself, her community and the natural environment. Gisela now lives in Sebastopol, Northern California, with her husband and young daughter. A complex, sensitive, sensual woman, Gisela is, paradoxically, shy and powerful. When she enters a room, she easily captures attention with her spiritual and physical presence.


Kristin's enthusiasm for life is infectious. Her passion for exploring new territory both within and outside of herself keeps her in love with life. In her late 30's, she is athletic and youthful, a sensual dancer who loves spending time outdoors camping, hiking, doing yoga, meditating and just lying on the grass looking up at the clouds or stars. Mother of Kaelan, and recently divorced, Kristin juggles working full time with creating a rich life for herself and her son. 

A Caucasian, raised in Oklahoma, she went to Wellesley College outside of Boston, where she lived and worked as a consultant for several years. She now resides in San Francisco.  Tall, slim, with dark hair and deep playful eyes, Kristin has a beguiling smile.  Deeply committed to making the world a better place, Kristin works with leaders to develop themselves, their teams and their organizations.


A mother of three, a Harvard doctorate, happily married, Linda is an athlete, a disciplined writer and a practitioner with a passion for listening to and learning from the natural world.  Linda is graceful, spiritual, strong, and an elder in her forties. She is passionate about integrating the feminine and masculine and is in a lifelong pursuit of understanding and teaching systems and wholeness.

A model of commitment, her husband is her best friend.  Linda is emerging as a passionate, powerful voice in the systems world.


One of a pair of identical twins, Peggy was born and raised in Texas. She married at 19. At 21 she received her master's degree in Psychology and during her 20's and 30's, Peggy and her husband at the time raised their son and daughter (and all their own food) in spiritual community. Her son's health, in the early years, was exceedingly challenging, inspiring her to develop a capacity for energetic healing that defied Western medicine's diagnosis of what was possible. Through the Millionth Circle Initiative, Peggy has been active with International Circles of Dialogue and Spanish Speaking women's circles in various countries (learn more about this work). Recently Peggy remarried to Lem, her friend and partner.

Peggy brings a feminine approach to her work in organizations through dialogue, leadership, diversity and conflict resolution, worldwide. She is an evocateur, listening for the nuances of emotion and encouraging its fullest expression. The last few years have shown Peggy to be an up-and-coming artist, painting in France and currently exhibiting her work in Northern California. Always elegant, Peggy is a stunning woman with wavy silver hair, startling blue eyes, a hip 59 years of age, living with her husband in Northern California.


Southern born and the daughter of an InterFaith Minister, Ronita lives wholeheartedly with a commitment to truth and her own authenticity. As an African American, she straddles two worlds and is often the bridge of understanding between the two. Deeply curious about our interconnectedness as living creatures, she isn't afraid to vocalize the unspeakable questions.

After 30 years of consulting and training in corporate America with an emphasis on workforce diversity, she now spends her time as a life coach and convener of women's circles. She is passionate about creating sacred space for women to be witnessed, nurtured and supported in their life transitions. Drawn to living life  at full speed, you may find her, as Minister of Music at her church, as co-Editor for a women's publication, as writer of her novel or as convener for a circle half way around the world. Married for 20 years, she lives with her best friend and husband John Wayne. Turning 60 in 2007, Ronita is striking and vivacious, with a womanly physique, brown eyes and golden brown dreads. She lives with two questions: "what does it mean to be present, walking a spiritual path with intention, joy and humor?" and "what does it mean to live life with health at your core?"


Sarita was raised in India and the UK and currently lives on the lush and tropical island of Hawaii. After completing her masters program, she entered an arranged marriage which brought her to the US where she has been since 1969. Sarita is a model of resiliency. After divorcing her first husband, she raised her son as a single parent, and worked for over twenty years in the corporate world. Today she is living out her deep calling of coaching and development.

Sarita now coaches and leads certification courses in Integral Coaching. Her life long commitment has been to the development of individual and collective consciousness. Over a decade ago Sarita remarried a Caucasian man, Ken, who shares her passion for deep, meaningful conversation and a yearning for a more coherent world. Their marriage is an unfolding love story and their home has become a haven for deep and meaningful conversations. Both of them are moving towards composing their lives with spiritual work at the center rather than periphery. Sarita's dark, soulful eyes are often set off by a bindi (a forehead marking on third eye). She moves gracefully in both saris and t-shirts. In a year or so, she will be sixty. Currently she lives in the question, "what does it take to be an elder in the making and to die consciously?"


Stephanie's attributes her life long desire to partner with the invisible field to her Irish decent. A Celt at heart, she's at home in the rains and mists of Whidbey Island with her son and husband. Her listening for and tending to the emerging new story as it unfolds personally and collectively has become a defining thread through a varied career. In any given month you might find her consulting to high-tech corporations, volunteering with local non-profits, and/or midwifing BeComing and Offerings to find their respective viewers and readers.  Most recently, her commitment to working on behalf of something larger is translating into Whidbey Institute's bioregional constellation work, where she helps to connect the dots of different cross-sector collaborations ongoing in the Cascadia bioregion. Stephanie can often be seen on the beaches of Whidbey Island, walking her dog as she contemplates how to cultivate in herself and in others, a capacity for "systems sensing," being in rapport with the whole of life.


Teresa continues to enjoy her lifelong passion -- living in relationship with herself, the world, and with Spirit in a way that is real, intimate, joyful and is directed towards wholeness. Having been a senior internal leadership and organization development consultant at several high tech firms, divorced, and a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines, she is living her adventurer spirit into the mysteries of life. Teresa -- or Tressa to her family, friends and Chakra -- took a year's sabbatical with her partner Brad to live in Italy for the greater part of it. Since her return she has taken on the birthing of a new women's publication like none other in existence, called Offerings, inviting a collective to weave a new story of the emerging Woman. A poet with shoulder-length, silky black hair, she has a wide smile, dark, intense, sparkling eyes and a slim, sensual body. In her later forties, she is equally at home in a mini skirt, blue jeans or a sarong, what is most striking about Teresa is her exuberant energy and apparent love affair with life.