The Chakra Circle has graciously opened their gatherings to the camera and the viewer that we might learn the subtleties of circle by being included in theirs. This gift allows us to think about calling the circle into our own lives, how that process would enrich relationships we already have, and what potential for support awaits us. Watch, talk about it with friends, decide what YOU want to do.
Christina Baldwin
Author, Calling the Circle, the First and Future Culture

I believe this simple film, of seeing women participate in circle together, can do much to facilitate the raising of the Feminine voice and sensibility in all of us. May this production be seen by many and help us move into a future that supports a humane and loving world.
Margaret Wheatley
Author, Turning to One Another

This video of a vibrant, multi-year woman's circle is beautiful to watch. It awakens in listeners a yearning for a similar engagement where they can learn about themselves through listening and sharing in a caring space with an open mind and heart. Staying in even when one is triggered is part of the deepening of one's self-understanding and growth and cultivating compassion for others.
Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter
Integral Elder

BeComing promises to be one of the most important documentaries of our time. As the rise of women to full partnership with men in the whole domain of human affairs is perhaps the most critical event in history, this documentary, stands as witness to the nature and meaning of this world changing event.
Jean Houston
Author, Jump Time, Passion for the Possible, Mythic Life

I can think of few projects that have as much potential to stimulate conscious conversation, social healing, and the natural evolution of committed action that emerges from exploring the deeper Source from which shared meaning arises. BeComing is part of a larger global conversation which is gaining momentum and to which this project can make a major contribution.
Juanita Brown
World Café Founder, President of Global Systems

The first time that I watched the movie "BeComing", a new and uncharted place within me was really touched by witnessing the kind of conversations that are possible among women. Now I know that the safety, authenticity and sacred space that circle creates, is an essential part of our journey as women. Nowhere else in my life do I find this place of refuge, than in circle. "BeComing" brings this to life.
Karen Aznoian
Executive Coach and Co-leader of Women’s Circles of Development.

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