Calling the Circle: The First and Future Culture

Christina Baldwin

A pioneering classic. Christina Baldwin's work offers circle as a means for social change. Offering simple guidelines, including structure and reflection as a central component, this work is a great source for those considering starting a circle.

Christina has passed on her work at Peer Spirit to The Circle Way

Moving Toward the Millionth Circle

Jean Shinoda Bolen

Provides both a guiding metaphor as well as simple, effective guidelines to create circles.

Wisdom Circles

Charles Garfield, Cindy Spring and Sedonia Cahill

Guide to a particular form of circle, using questions/inquiry and structure

Circle of Stones

Judith Duerk

The World Café: Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations That Matter

Brown, J. and D. Isaacs

A rich resource using the café process to create social change though conversations that matter.

The Presence of the Circle Being - Conversation with the Circle of Seven

Collective Wisdom Initiative

Other Sources:

Books on Dialogue

Dialogue: Rediscovering the Transforming Power of Conversation

Glenna Gerard

Dialogue at Work: Skills for Leveraging Collective Understanding

Glenna Gerard and Linda Ellinor

Wholeness and the Implicate Order

By David Bohm

Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together

William Isaacs

Mindshift: Strategic Dialogue for Breakthrough Thinking

Bennett, S. and J. Brown (1995). in Learning Organizations: Developing Cultures for Tomorrow's Workplace. S. Chawla and J. Renesch eds. Portland, Oregon, Productivity Press.