What Chakra means to us

Chakra surrounded me as a planetary constellation, exposing stars that reflected diverse thought, concepts, and ideas that opened me up with wonder and curiosity. Over the years, through being listened to fully and listening to the other fully, my whole SELF has become aware, and alert; my consciousness nurtured and deeply imprinted with wisdom, knowledge, possibilities, and humility. The deep bond of friendship shared with each woman’s self reflection, inquiry of life’s purpose & meaning, and purity of emotions, pierced me with a deeper understanding of my own responsibility to myself and humanity, while continuing to open my heart to truth in any given moment. Chakra taught me how to walk this human life with more tenderness, vulnerabililty and grace, trusting my instincts while practicing the act of forgiveness, as a daily mantra. I bow to the DIVINE collective Chakra Being, to all the moments of discovery, reflection, controversy, laughter, and tears...knowing the trajectory of my life is forever shifted, resilient & strong as a Spiritual Being!
Ronita Johnson
Being in Chakra all these years continues to close the gap between my idealized self and who I am and who I am becoming. The collective mirroring which is done with love and in service affords me and others a chance to feel what is real and true. My shadows come alive and multiple perspectives illuminate a holy whole. The elixir of truth whether bitter or sweet, with time makes me a better human.
Sarita Chawla
Our circle time often brings me into the 'terra incognita' offering me a chance to listen deeply to other perspectives, to surface questions I've been living with and explore them within the collective. It loosens the puzzle pieces of my life, in a healthy unsettling way that takes time for me to discern how I want them to fit together again, knowing there is no one right way.
Stephanie Ryan
I have often described my time in our circle as a "re-membering" of myself. As we step back from the busyness of our daily lives, I reconnect to all the parts of myself, remembering who I am and what I really care about. I always leave renewed and inspired to live from my best self.
Kristin Cobble

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